The WRE Dads Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to support White Rock Elementary (WRE) in Dallas, Texas.
The Dads Club’s mission is to increase camaraderie among neighborhood fathers while supporting WRE initiatives through fundraising and volunteerism. We believe in strengthening and fostering relationships between fathers and their children, and we do this through fundraising events designed to support WRE. Our annual events include:
WREck the Night
Washers Tournament
Dad’s Club Open – Golf Tournament
Blast – Clay Shoot
Turkey Dash
Poker Tournament
Veteran’s Day
We raise money exclusively through (1) annual membership dues (2) enrollment fees for all of our yearly Events and (3) Sponsorships. 100% of our funds are used to support WRE (similar to a PTA, but with a much smaller budget and a more targeted approach). Ideally, we like to fill the gap between the district projects funded by RISD and the larger private projects funded by the PTA.

Meet the Board

2018-2020 WRE Dads Club Board of Directors

Kris Hill  |  Co-President

Ted Hume  |  Co-President

John Suchand  |  Treasurer

Matt Mildren  |  Membership

Michael Gooden  |  Marketing